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Joanna Denton – Public Speaking Coach Contact

Public Speaking Coach

Nom de l'entreprise Joanna Denton - Public Speaking Coach
Téléphone +352 26 43 23 69
Adresse 68 Rue de Beggen L-1220 Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)
Web http://www.joannadenton.com
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I am a public speaking coach on a mission: to transform boring, lackluster and “so what?” speakers into exciting and compelling storytellers who light up the room with ideas that resonate with their audience.

I started my career in 1998 as a tax consultant in a big international accounting firm, and spent the next sixteen years turning the technical into the accessible for my clients. Throughout this time a big part of my job was to train clients and colleagues alike, and, since 2003, to speak as industry expert at conferences around Europe.

In 2014, I decided to reorient my career and become a public speaking coach: first for my previous employer, and now with my own business. I draw on my eighteen years of experience as a trainer and speaker to bring you pragmatic and down-to-earth coaching, designed to help you translate the technical into the accessible, and communicate your ideas in a clear and authentic way that gets you noticed and hired by your ideal clients.

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