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Mylanguage Contact

Mylanguage is more than just a language school. More than just words, we want languages to come alive in your life and at your desk.

Nom de l'entreprise Mylanguage
Téléphone +352 29 05 17
Adresse 2 Rue de la Reine L-2418 Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)
Web http://www.mylanguage.lu

We acknowledge the presence of other schools in Luxembourg, yet we know that our courses are taught with a refreshing, new and competitive edge.

We say we are different, but why ? Unlike other schools, Mylanguage places a great emphasis on culture and an interactive learning experience with audiovisual material, out-of-the-box teaching methods and leisure activities that allow you to interact with conversation partners.

Our prices remain competitive, yet not at the expense of our teaching quality. To ensure the highest standard of quality, our qualified teachers must first undergo a rigorous training that prepares them and puts their skills to the test. Teaching is an art and that is exactly how we treat it. For this reason, we organize teachers training workshops for our staff and other free-lance teachers in Luxembourg.

In addition to corporate and private language courses, we provide certified translations, creative writing courses, intensive courses abroad, interview training and video CV’s. Courses are tailor-made for your needs, meaning that if you need job-specific language skills such as Business English or Sommelier French for wine tasting, the course will be customized to your personal needs.

It is one thing to speak a language and it is something else to know how to apply it. Classical classroom teaching has its benefits, but also its downsides. Languages are learned not only through textbooks and exercises, but also through the contact with people, music, movies, games and other fun activities. Not only do we organize out-of-the-classroom events that give you opportunities to have free conversations with fellow students and teachers, but we consider the cultural approach vital in any form of course that we teach. This is what we call cultural immersion.

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